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I really love Wincest.



When Tom came on stage first time he just stuck his tongue out, turned around and was carried off by Clif again which caused Jensen to say that this was exactly like Jared in the early mornings

Jared would come up for first shot, stick his tongue out and then Jensen would carry him back to his trailer

That’s what he said

Jensen: Quick sidebar, I want to tell you a story that just happened. When Jared and I just got here, I ran to the bathroom so I wasn't in the greenroom so when Thomas came in and saw it was just Jared he immediate broke down and started crying saying "Where's uncle Jensen?!"

Jensen said Dean might have drunk-dialed Sam when Sam at college, but mostly just doing his own thing. #VanCon


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ah yes, it’s that time of year again

time for me to quietly pout about how jensen and jared deserve emmys and don’t have them


Teenage Dean sitting on the closed toilet lid in a hotel bathroom to get some space that isn’t taken up by John and Sam and hunting and the memory of Mary, and learning that he can stay behind that locked door longer if he acts like he’s in there to masturbate.

Dean getting a bit older and realizing he can go out “to hang out with girls” and get time away that John won’t begrudge him for— will even look slightly proud of him for— and Sam won’t ask any more questions about what he was doing if Dean starts answering with a made-up name and place and act. 

Dean being lonely and craving someone touching him gently, and the sex itself isn’t anything to write home about but getting touched, having someone want to make him feel nice, and being able to please someone (to satisfy someone), that sure is.